Company Profile
Company Profile

A company can trust, with providing custom-made and superlative service for foreigners in Japan


Landhills are well acquainted with the process involved in providing quality properties with the utmost service and trust.  Our extensive listings of apartments assure that you find the ideal living arrangements for you and your family.  Landhills is perfect for those looking to experience Tokyo living at its finest.


Landhills values delivering personalized service, face to face, pay particular attention to personal and daily concerns.  Our multi-bilingual agents will take care of all arrangements for you, with our vast experience in both Japanese and foreign customs.  We can customize your needs, help in your search for properties, provide suggestions, troubleshoot problems while you are renting and help negotiate all your various terms as we assist in the whole process of searching your accommodation. 

Landhills knows that a satisfied customer is someone who gets the most out of living in Japan.


For Relocation Companies 


How Landhills’services benefit your company?

Focusing internal resources and company workforce strengths, or for providing better service to each transferee.


Focus on your core business

Outsourcing non-core competencies will allow you to focus on your core business, eliminating the administrative weight of managing the relocation process.  


Benefit from scalability 

Landhills can scale programs up and down with optimal efficiency, responding quickly to your organizational need without unpredictable costs.


Manage overhead

When you outsource, there’s no need to build internal systems or add overhead, freeing up resources to attend you core business.


Maintain employee productivity

Your transferring employees receive dedicated relocation assistance from a single point of coordination, minimizing stress and enabling them to remain productive during a move.